Photo Credit: Cerys Burgess
In March 2022, I was a part of the National Theatre Connections competition with the Sundial Theatre Company working as the lighting designer and operator. This involved designing, programming and operating the whole show. 
I also designed several of the sound cues including the theme music for the ‘game show’ sections of the show. These were created from scratch specifically for this production and included hiring a music studio to record the vocal elements.
In April 2022, the Sundial Theatre Company put on a production of Legally Blonde Jr. for which I was the Technical Director. This involved coordinating all of the technical aspects of the show from set and props to lighting and sound. 
After producing the lighting design, I mixed the show with an X32 console, operated the lighting with a Chamsys control wing and used Qlab for audio playback during the show. Above are some images taken from a rehearsal.
In November 2021, the Sundial Theatre Company produced Waiting for Home for Remembrance Day. This involved creating all of the audio, video and lighting assets used in the production and managing them for the production. These assets included a custom backing track with choral vocal recordings, audio/soundscape creation and lighting programming. 
All of the lighting was programmed and operated in Chamsys using a PC wing with ArtNet outputting. The video and audio was played back through a Mac running QLAB with some projection mapping and custom screen resolutions applied. All of the video footage was edited using Final Cut Pro and all soundscapes/audio was edited using Logic Pro.
The backing track was created from scratch in Pro Tools using MIDI instruments and vocals were recorded directly into the session and edited.